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Since April 2013 we've saved our member's over $6,335,453!!

At Northwoods Credit Union, educating members about credit is our goal so we're not stopping - even though we reached our initial goal more than 6 months early!!  We're going to keep going to see how much we can save our members by the end of the year!

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Having a hard time geting approved for a loan? 
Not sure which lenders to trust? Getting a loan shouldn't be scary.

Here at NCU you're more than an account number or a credit score. Let us help.

We're saving our Members MILLIONS by December 2013!

NCU has challenged our employees to save our members $1,000,000 by the end of the year.  NCU Staff is excited and waiting for you to visit so we can save you money! On day one we saved a member over $37,000.  Day 2 we saved another member over $30,000!  We love saving our members money!

Can we save you money?

1.  Stop by and meet with one of our employees.

2.  Switch to a lower interest loan rate.  Cannot refinance NCU loans.

3.  Save Money!!

Join our challenge and start saving today!

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I was VERY surprised & appreciative that Northwoods gave me a loan. My bank wouldn’t because I had no credit rating. Not that I had a bad credit score but I had NONE. My former bank penalized me for paying cash for major purchases. Northwoods gave me the support I needed.  That’s why Northwoods is now my only bank.                                                      -Anita