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Switch Kit

Thank you for your interest in Northwoods Credit Union. We hope you find this kit easy to use. If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

On the first page you will find a checklist so you can feel confident everything will be taken care of when you switch your account over to Northwoods.

The Auto Pay Letter can be used to change any automatic payments that are taken directly out of your account or charged to your debit card.

The Direct Deposit Letter can be used to change any automatic deposits you have going into your account.

The final page, Close Previous Financial Institution Letter can be used once all your direct deposit and automatic payment changes have been done. This letter will close the account at your previous financial institution.

If you have more than one company taking automatic payments or making direct deposits, please print extra copies of form.

Thank you,
Northwoods CU Staff

(Please fill out and print each individual page before moving on to the next page.)
Page 1: Checklist
Page 2: Auto Pay Letter
Page 3: Direct Deposit Letter
Page 4: Close Previous Financial Institution Letter

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