Online Banking

Send your income tax return to NCU & we’ll give you a deal on your next car loan!*

Here’s how it works…..

1. Get preapproved for your next auto loan here at NCU.

2.  Send your Tax Return to Northwoods Credit Union via direct deposit. 

3.  Use part of your return for your down payment

4.  Get a discount on your loan!  It’s that easy!  You need a car, you have to send your tax return somewhere, why not combine the 2 and get a great deal!

Here’s the breakdown:

Use your tax return to make a down payment of…

10%  = 1% off your rate

20%  = 2% off your rate

30%+ = 3% off your rate

What difference will that make?  Here’s an example:

$15,000 car with a 60 month loan, member qualifies for a rate of 17.95% APR*

0% down = Monthly Payment of $380.44


30% down, 3% off rate = Monthly Payment of $249.49

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Your rate is determined by your credit history. Maximum rate is 17.95%. Rates & terms subject to change based on market conditions and borrower eligibility. Some conditions apply. Must meet credit union lending guidelines. You must be eligible for membership at Northwoods Credit Union to qualify for an auto loan. Interest will accrue daily.  Rate can not go below floor rate.