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Youth Savings Club Rules:

  1. $5.00 Minumum deposit required to open Youth Savings Account.  Please ask MSR for most recent rates for this account.
  2. This Youth Savings Club was developed to teach our youngest members the value of saving. We like to reward them along the way to keep them enthused. Each time a Northwoods Credit Union youth member physically deposits money into their NCU account, they may choose a prize from our Prize Shelf. Please see rules below.
  3. Youth must be a member with an active Northwoods Credit Union Share account to qualify for the Youth Savings Club.
  4. Youth member must be present for deposit for points to accrue towards the prize shelf.
  5. Youth will get 1 point for every $1 they deposit into their Northwoods Credit Union share account.
  6. Youth may only qualify for each prize level ONCE per calendar year.
  7. Youth is no longer eligible for the Youth Savings Program as of their 18th birthday.
  8. MSR's will keep track of the youth's point balance. Please verify at time of deposit youth's new balance limit. If there is a discrepancy we will be going by the point balance we have on file.
  9. Prizes available on the Prize Shelf will change often. Northwoods Credit Union will try to get a prize as similar to your request as possible, but can not guarantee specific prize.
  10. Prize may not be available to take home on the day of deposit. Please allow up to 2 weeks after deposit to receive your prize by mail.
  11. At times, the credit union may give youth monetary prizes or gift certificates that can be exchanged for money into the youth's account—these types of deposits do not count towards points for the Youth Savings Club Prize Shelf.

Savings Club Rules and requirements may change at any time. Last revised 1.01.2011

Please contact us at either of the following with any questions: Phone 218-878-3944 Email

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