Mastercard® Debit Upgrade

What you need to know about our new Mastercard® Debit Card change 

Mastercard Conversion Calendar 1.26.24

Dear Debit Card User,

You deserve great benefits with no added costs. That’s why we will soon be sending you a new Northwoods Credit Union Debit Mastercard® approximately 2-4 weeks from now. (2/2024)

Your new Debit Mastercard will replace your old Northwoods Credit Union Visa® Debit which is scheduled to be closed on April 1, 2024.

When your new card arrives, you’ll enjoy:

– Uninterrupted account access – Purchases and ATM withdrawals will continue to be deducted from your existing checking account, just like before.

– Continued convenience and security – Shopping with your card is faster than writing checks and safer than carrying cash, plus you’re protected with Zero Liability for an unauthorized purchase.

– Great new benefits – You’ll also enjoy access to all of the other benefits shown at the bottom of this email!

Simply continue using your existing Visa® debit card for now, then activate and start using your new Debit Mastercard® as soon as it arrives. Also, remember to provide your new debit card number to any merchants who automatically bill your existing card. 


Northwoods Credit Union

New Debit Mastercard Benefits Checklist

Debit Card FAQ

Why are you replacing my existing card?

Your new Debit Mastercard® will allow us to serve you better by providing you with added benefits you can see every day.

Is there any cost to me?

No, your new card will have no annual fee, just like the card it replaces

Will my PIN remain the same?

Yes, for your convenience you can continue to use the same PIN as before, plus you can change your PIN whenever you wish.

When will my new card arrive?

You can expect to receive your new card within 2 weeks. When it arrives, simply:

-Call to Activate

-Sign the back

-Destroy your old card.

Also, contact any merchants who automatically bill your existing card to provide your new card number.

Who do I contact for questions about my new Debit Mastercard®?

If you have other questions, inquire at any branch, or give us a call at 1-888-458-0975.

If I have multiple accounts, will each account receive a new card? Each personal checking, Health Savings Account, and Business checking account with a Visa® debit card will be mailed a new Northwoods Credit Union Debit Mastercard®

If I receive more than one card, how will I be able to tell which checking account it is linked to?
Simply call us and we’ll be happy to help.