Please share the following information with your tax provider to ensure your tax return (and all automatic deposits) goes into your account. Incorrect account information may delay or even reject your tax refund.

Please follow these instructions and if you have any questions, contact us to clarify.

  1. Use your 4 or 5-digit account number. Do NOT include any zeroes before or after your account number. For example, 1234
  2. If a merchant will not accept the 4 or 5 digits, use the full 13 digits on the bottom of your check (MICR line)  For example (from check below) 0000000123456
  3. NEVER use the suffix number (ie. 1, 40, 75 etc. )

Example Check Northwoods Credit Union

You can reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns by calling us at 1-888-458-0975, emailing us at, or by visiting one of our branch locations in Cloquet, Moose Lake, and Floodwood!

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