8 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

Planning your next vacation? Make sure you get the most out of your budget without missing out on the fun. With these tips, you can relax knowing you’ll have some funds left over when you return. Here’s how:

1. Save on Airfare

  • Use price tracking tools: There are multiple travel price-checking tools and extension available to you online. These can be extremely handy to stay on top of pricing trends and lock in a rate in your budget
  • Set Alerts: Use and follow travel sites on social media. Setting alerts for their posts can get you first in line for those specials and deals.
  • Call for Deals: Contact your airline directly and ask for discounts.
  • Use Regional Airports: Smaller airports often have lower-cost airlines. Our local Duluth airport might be able to save you money depending on your destination and connecting flights.


2. Affordable Lodging

  • Ask for Better Rates: When booking by phone, request a rate lower than online prices.
  • Rent Apartments or Homes: Sites like Airbnb can offer cheaper options than hotels, especially if you cook your own meals.

8 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

3. Eat Smart On Budget Vacations

  • Main Meal at Lunch: Lunch menus are usually 30% cheaper than dinner.
  • Bring Snacks: Stock up on snacks before you leave and buy more at local grocery stores instead of pricey convenience marts.


4. Look for Package Deals

  • Search Online: Check out deals on sites like Expedia, Priceline, Groupon Getaways, and other online extension tools. Doing your proper research and utilizing technology can save your extra money for that dream vacation.


5. Use a Travel Rewards Card

  • Find the Right Card: Look for cards with no foreign transaction fees and generous travel rewards. Credit union credit cards often offer great flexibility for airlines. You can check out our elite rewards, including travel perks, and apply today! Apply Today


Credit union credit cards often offer great flexibility for airlines


6. Book by Budget, Not Destination

  • Use tools on Websites like Kayak and Google Flights let you search based on budget, departure city, and travel season to find affordable destinations.
  • There are many online options that help you seek out that dream vacation spot while also staying within your set budget limit. Budget vacations don’t have to be boring!

7. Add a Free Destination

  • Search for Stopovers: Some airlines offer deals for extended layovers, giving you a chance to explore another city at little to no extra cost. If you don’t mind long layovers, this option can really help you save some money!

How to Score the Best Deals on Budget Vacations: 8 tips

8. Travel Off-Season

  • Be Flexible: Travel during shoulder seasons (just before or after peak season) for lower prices, nice weather, open shops, and fewer tourists. This can help with that dream budget vacation.



Utilize these 8 tips to help finalize those budget vacation plans and keep extra money in your pocket! Want more great money tips like these? Check out our other blog posts!







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