Visa Gift Cards & Visa Reloadable Cards

Whether you need a gift for an upcoming shower, party or holiday or you need a form of payment for an upcoming trip – we’ve got you covered.

Image of Visa Gift Card

Visa Gift Cards

Visa Gift Cards make a great gift for a shower, birthday, graduation or holiday!  Purchase them at any of our offices for only $3.95!

  • Available in any amount $10 – $1,000
  • Non-reloadable
  • Card works within United States, not internationally
  • Access your card online at
  • Fees
    • $5.00 per month inactivity fee after 12 consecutive months of non-usage
    • $10.00 Refund Fee
    • $10.00 Replacement Fee


VIRTUAL Visa Gift Cards

Virtual Visa Gift Cards make a great last minute gift or gift for someone who doesn’t live nearby.  The same rules and fees as our Visa Gift Cards apply to our Virtual Visa Gift Cards.  The card is sent to your recipient via email, so recipient’s email and phone number are needed at the time of purchase. The recipient must then activate and register their card at before they are able to use it.

Reloadable Visa Gift Cards

Reloadable Visa Gift Cards make a great alternative to a checking account with a debit card.  Use for online transactions, domestic and international travel, or as an emergency fund for your college student!

  • Initial card fee of $5.00
  • Initial cards available in amounts $100 – $5,000
  • Reload cards with any amount $10.00 – $5,000
  • Reload card at the credit union or through CU Money website at
  • View transactions/receipts through the CU Money website at or through the CUMONEY app
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
    • Limits
      • Signature POS daily limit of 25 transactions or $5,000 per day
      • PIN POS daily limit of 25 transactions or $2,500 per day
      • ATM withdrawal daily limit of 3 transactions or $500 per day
    • Fees
      • $5.00 per month fee after 10 consecutive months of non-usage
      • $2 Reload Fee
      • $15 Refund Fee
      • $5 Replacement Fee
      • International Transactions = 2% of the transaction amount
      • $1.50 ATM Withdrawal
Graphic of a reloadable card