Fee Schedule

Share Account Fees

Members 19 years and older with balance of less than $50.00 and no other services besides a primary share account$1.00 per month

Share Draft Account Fees

Box of ChecksPrices vary by style
Overdraft Protection Plan$30.00
Stop Payment (Single Item)$30.00
Stop Payment (Multiple Items)$30.00
Photocopy of Draft$5.00
NSF Preauthorized Withdrawal$30.00
Share Draft Reconciliation (per hour - 1 hour minimum)$10.00
Business Accounts (1st of every month)$10.00

Health Savings Account Fees

Account Set Up Fee$25.00
Annual Fee (after the first year)$12.00
Card Replacement Fee (per card)$10.00

Online Bill Payment Fees

Stop Payment$30.00
Photocopy of draft$5.00

Other Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Returned Deposit Item$15.00
Returned ACH Origination Item$15.00
Returned International Deposit Item$30.00
Domestic Wire Out$15.00
Wire Recall/Reject Fee$30.00
Inactive Account Fee$5.00
Official Check Under $500.00$1.00
Official Check $500.00 or moreFree
Stop Payment Official Check$25.00
Photocopy of Official Check$5.00
Fax Service (First Page)$2.00
Fax Service (Each Additional Page)$1.00
Xerox Copy$0.10
Account History Printout (First Page)$1.00
Account History Printout (Each Additional Page)$0.25
Statement Copies$3.00
Research Fee (30 minutes free, additional time billed hourly with a minimum of one hour)$15.00
Visa Gift Card$3.95
Reloadable Visa Card$5.00
Levy/Garnishment Fee$15.00
Incorrect Address Fee$10.00
Foreign Drafts U.S. Fund$10.00
Foreign Drafts Non-U.S. Funds$10.00 (Allow 4-12 Weeks processing time)

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

ACH Origination Change Fee$15.00
Replacement Card (per card)$10.00
Rush Plastics Replacement CardRate varies
NSF Debit Card Transaction$30.00
NSF Preauthorized Withdrawal$30.00
Stop Payment on a Preauthorized Withdrawal$30.00

Safe Deposit Box Fees (Annually)

3 x 5$25.00
3 x 10$50.00
5 x 5$40.00
5 x 10$60.00
Lost Key$15.00
Drilling of Box$175.00
Late Payment (per month)$5.00

Loan Fees

Loan Payoff Written Quote Fee$35.00
Loan Late Fee (After 10 days delinquent)$25.00
Real Estate Loan Late Fee (After 15 days delinquent)5% of the overdue payment of principal and interest
Personal Loan Application Fee (for new loans $1,000 or less; or adding on to an existing NCU loan)$25.00
Single Pay Note Application Fee$25.00
Mortgage Modification Fee$250.00