Setting up alerts can help you stay on top of your finances. Low balance, large deposit, etc. Below, you will learn how to set up various alerts & notifications within our online banking platform!


STEP ONE: At the top of the menu under online banking, hover your curser over Additional Services and you will see the Alerts & Notifications window pop-up below

STEP TWO: Click on that Alerts & Notifications tab. It will load a new page.

STEP THREE: Upon clicking on the Alerts & Notifications tab, you will see the below. Here, you can view and turn on various alert types such as Low balance, Balance updates, Large deposit, and Large withdrawal.  You can enter the dollar value and how you want the notification pushed to you by clicking one of the boxes.


STEP FOUR & FIVE: You can click on Add an alert to be shown a dropdown menu as displayed below to add different alert types. Simply click on the type you want and you will be able to set it up!


And that’s it! Our online and mobile banking platform is a simple, yet powerful tool, so be sure to use it to your financial advantage today!