Early Financial Education: Northwoods Credit Union Kids Club & Teen Club for Young Savers

Teaching kids about money from a young age sets the stage for a lifetime of financial responsibility. We are excited to spotlight our Kids Club and Teens Club, designed to foster financial knowledge in both children and teenagers. Keep reading to learn about our clubs and their exclusive benefits!

Northwoods Credit Union Kids Club

Our Kids Club is tailored for children aged 12 and under, providing them with a fun and interactive way to learn about saving money. With a minimum balance requirement of just $5 on their savings account, children can start their financial journey with ease.

Plus, we celebrate new arrivals with our Lullaby Card offer, ensuring their first deposit is a milestone. Once you receive your certificate, bring it in to open an account for your newborn and we will deposit $10!

Northwoods Credit Union Lullaby Card 2024

Northwoods Credit Union Lullaby Card 2024

Kids also enjoy exciting promos, coloring contests, birthday gifts, special youth week activities, and FREE online banking and eStatements that all our members enjoy.

Northwoods Credit Union Teen Club

For teenagers aged 13 to 17, our Teen Club offers a pathway to financial independence.

With a $5 minimum balance requirement on savings accounts and no minimum balance on FREE checking accounts, teens can manage their money with confidence.

They’ll receive a special gift when opening a new account and benefit from FREE online banking and eStatements.

Throughout the year, we offer enticing promos and incentives, helping teens stay engaged in their financial journey.

As they approach their 18th birthday, we have a special offer waiting!

Northwoods Credit Union 18th Birthday Card

If you open (or already have) a Northwoods Credit Union checking account, debit card, eStatements, & meet by appointment with one of our employees for a short intro to credit reports, we’ll give you $50 CASH!

Call us at 879-4181 for more information or to make an appointment!




Kids Club & Teen Club Teaching Financial Responsibility

Secure Your Child’s Financial Future: Enroll in Northwoods Credit Union Kids Club or Teen Club for a Youth Savings Account!

Enrolling your child or teenager in the Northwoods Credit Union Kids Club or Teen Club is a valuable investment in their future.

By joining our clubs, they’ll gain the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the world of finance with confidence. Visit the Kids Club or Teen Club page to learn more and sign up for membership.

Join the club now. 

Enroll your kids today and pave their path to financial success!


Kids Club








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