Our Stanley Avenue location will be undergoing a remodel! Please read the article below from Northwoods Credit Union CEO, Doug Wolf:


As you may remember, over the past three years we have been making improvements to our offices to accommodate new services, future growth, and to improve your member experience. Next up is our Stanley Ave branch office remodel. (located near Walmart in Cloquet).

You may not know this, but, the Stanley Ave office was originally built in 2004 as a bank branch and Northwoods Credit Union acquired the facility 10 years ago in 2012. When we acquired the building in 2012, it came with the existing furnishings and finishes that were part of the bank branch from when it was constructed in 2004.

This means that the furniture, finishes, and most of the other parts of the building have had only minor cosmetic upkeep changes (i.e. changing the signs, replacing light fixtures and ceiling tiles as needed). With the building, furniture, and finishes now 18 years old, with service delivery changes in those 18 years, and our needs for the future, now is the time to do some remodel updates to the building.

The building will get a fresh new look on the outside and the interior will be updated and modified a bit to accommodate additional staff and create an even better member lobby experience.

To make the remodel happen as quickly as possible, we will need to close the member lobby beginning on Monday, October 3, 2022, through March 2023. During this time the drive-up will remain open (there may be a week or two near the end of the remodel that will require the drive-up to also be closed – we will notify you well in advance when this date is known).

While the Stanley Ave lobby will be closed for the remodel beginning on Monday, October 3, 2022, our office at 1702 Ave B in Cloquet will be open.

Please plan on using our Ave B office for all lobby and in-person loan transactions during this time. If you have a safe deposit box at our Stanley Ave office, you will still have access, however, we will ask that you give us 24-hour notice to arrange for you to safely access your box.

We are excited to be making these improvements at our Stanley Ave office and we appreciate your understanding during this time of renovations.

Always Looking to the Future.

As we are now in the season of changes, with the trees changing color and the temperatures starting to fall, this is the perfect time to think about changes in our lives and here at Northwoods Credit Union.

All of us here at Northwoods Credit Union are always striving to make sure we are prepared for future changes in products and services, in delivery systems, in our workforce and with our facilities.

The credit union has had significant growth over the past two years, but, we had already been preparing ourselves to accommodate such a period of rapid growth. We continue with this “eye on the future” approach to what we do and plan for. One thing we have all learned in the past three years is that change can come fast and without warning.

The Board, Supervisory Committee, management, and staff all are rowing in the same direction, seeking the most efficient and cost-effective ways to be prepared for any future change. I already touched on the changes about to happen with our Stanley Ave office.

We are also looking at some significant projects and strategies that are in early stages of development that will improve service delivery. Someone once said, “the only constant in life is change”, how true that is. We recognize this life fact and embrace it.

The challenge with managing changes is to always remember your purpose, your mission, and who got you to the dance. It is also important that as things change, that you keep what you value most, in our case that is our members, our staff, our values, and our company culture. These things make us who we are and why you, our members, love to do business with us. We will never forget these premises as we anticipate future changes.

Thank you for being a member of Northwoods Credit Union and have a great Fall Season,

– Doug Wolf

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